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2020-2021 Sports

Open Registration

Boys Basketball - Contact Rob Lusby

Sign up by September 21!!!

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Boys Basketball - Contact: Rob Lusby

Registration August 30-October 1st

Games December 1st- Mid February

2nfd Grade Boys Basketball - Contact: Rob Lusby

Registration October 1-December 1st

Games First weekend in January- Mid March

Soccer - Contact Holly West

Girls Volleyball - Contact: Jamie Toon

Registration Mid July - August 15

Games First weekend in November- Early January

Girls Basketball - Contact OPEN

Registration November 1-December 1st

Games late January- First of April

Boys Baseball - Contact Mark Kessler

Registration November 15 - December 15

Games Late March through mid June

Boys Volleyball - Contact Jamie Toon

Run, Girl, Run! Program - Contact Jenn Dierkers

Co-Ed Instructional Volleyball (K-2) - Contact (open, we need help)

Co-Ed Instructional Basketball (K-2) - Contact (open, we need help)

St Bernard PC Covid-19 Guidelines, See the files below for our requirements.

ST Bernard Covid guidelines for 2020 Sports

General for all games and practices

1. All parents and coaches are asked to review the state guidelines




2. Hand sanitizer at entrance should be used by everyone who enter

3. All players, coaches, and guest to complete a self-check before attending, this includes a temperature check at home. Anyone with a fever or not feeling well should stay home.

4. All players, coaches and guest should wear a mask covering nose and mouth in and out of the gym.

5. Each game day will have a gym coordinator responsible for gym disinfecting between games.

6. If all required volunteer positions (coach, line judge, score keeper, and coordinator) are filled then we can sell packaged goods at concessions

7. If a player/coach or a member of their household is awaiting a COVID test result, we ask they stay home until until the results are known.

The guideline are subject to change and will be updated at required

ST Bernard Covid guidelines for 2020 Sport Practices

For all Volleyball and Basketball Practices

1. Player are asked to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth entering and leaving practice.

2. There will be a 15 minutes gap between practices

a. Allow all players to leave and coach to clean as described below

b. Players are not to enter the building until cleared by their coach

3. Each team should have their own balls

4. Each player has their own water bottle

5. Coaches to disinfect balls before and after each practice

6. Coaches to spray down the designated gathering area for the team

7. Coaches are to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times

8. Coaches are asked to wipe down door handles after practice

9. Parents coming for pick up and drop off should wait outside the lobby

10. Coaches and players only in the gym during practice

11. Teams are asked to use a predetermine area for bags and water during practice

a. Please see the signs in the gym corresponding to the teams practice slot

12. No spitting on the floor.

The guideline are subject to change and will be updated at required

ST Bernard Covid guidelines for 2020 Games

For all Volleyball and Basketball Games in Parish Center

1. A 30 minute time gap is required from the ending of one game before the start of the next game. This will allow people to exit the gym and proper disinfecting to take place before the next teams enter

a. Next two teams shall not enter the gym until given the clearance to do so by gym coordinator. Players and guest shall wait in the parking lot and not down by the doors

2. Benches along the stage will be spaced as much as possible

a. All players and coaches on the bench should wear covering their nose and mouth a mask

3. Spectators should space as much as possible in the bleachers trying to maintain 6' of space

a. Limit 1 guest per player, and they should wear a mask covering their nose and mouth

i. Coaches count as a guest for a player

4. Hand sanitizer stations at each bench to be used by players before entering the game

5. Only scoreboard operator and scorekeeper allowed at the scorer's table

6. Multiple games balls to be provided

a. Swap and clean ball periodically during the game per league guidelines

7. Teams do not switch sides during a match for volleyball

8. After game Gym coordinator shall

a. Spray down benches and bleachers

b. Wipe down door handles

c. Wipe down sinks in the bathroom

d. Spay toilets

9. After last game of the weekend final St Bernard coach and coordinator shall clean the floor with the scrubber

The guideline are subject to change and will be updated at required