Meetings 2nd Thursday Starting September through May

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2021-2022 Sports

Open Registration

Girls Basketball

Boys Baseball - Contact Mark Kessler

In Season

Girls Volleyball

Boys Basketball


Boys Basketball - Contact: Rob Lusby

Registration August 30-October 1st

Games December 1st- Mid February

2nfd Grade Boys Basketball - Contact: Rob Lusby

Registration October 1-December 1st

Games First weekend in January- Mid March

Soccer - Contact Holly West

Girls Volleyball - Contact: Jamie Toon

Registration Mid July - August 15

Games First weekend in November- Early January

Girls Basketball - Contact OPEN

Registration November 1-December 1st

Games late January- First of April

Boys Baseball - Contact Mark Kessler

Registration November 15 - December 15

Games Late March through mid June

Boys Volleyball - Contact Jamie Toon

Run, Girl, Run! Program - Contact Jenn Dierkers

Co-Ed Instructional Volleyball (K-2) - Contact (open, we need help)

Co-Ed Instructional Basketball (K-2) - Contact (open, we need help)